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Roy spotted that the other was approaching him as well. Slipping his phone into his back pocket he met Jason halfway. He gave the male another cursory glance, he was right….The other male did look damn familiar, just from where? And what was his name? Roy’s questions and confusion showed in his eyes as he tried to recall a name.

”.. I’m quite sorry to bother you if you’re busy, but.. have we met before?” Jason was known as a charmer when people first met him. It was easy to as the question, as she could easily read the confusion on the other’s face. Almost automatically he stuck his hand out to greet him. “Name’s Jason Todd.”



Roy was still trying to figure out a name. He paused to think before looking down on his phone again. His friend was going to be delayed for another 10 minutes. Great….He wracked his brain for an answer, who was the male he saw? He should remember his name….They’ve met somewhere, he’s sure.

The male shifted slightly, teal eyes watching the red head. There was something about him, just him. Jason sighed and laid his back against the brick wall. One thought spun in his head and it wasn’t even a full thought, just a blurring and red stained thought. Silently asking himself questions that he couldn’t answer, Jay removed himself from the wall and started to make a small start to intervene the other male’s path.

The white hair streak made him instantly recognizable. "I'm surprised you showed. I hope I didn't keep you waiting... I mean I am ten minutes early but..." she shrugged.

"Begin early is being on time," He stated lightly, looking at the woman. Todd shifted slightly before walking over the the dropped down fire escape ladder."If you wanna get started, we’ll be working on the rooftop. Alleys are the best place for a target range."

Diableret stood in the same alley way as she had the day before waiting to see if he would show or if he was all talk.

Hood was perched in the fire escape of the alley, watching as Diableret came into view. He threw himself down in front of her from the platforms, a duffle bag at his side. Jason was out of costume, teal eyes looking almost cat-like from the lighting. “So you showed, I’ve been waitin’.”

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